Public Transportation

May 23, 2010

Transjakarta or commonly called Busway is a bus rapid transport system or the Bus Rapid Transit in Jakarta, Indonesia. The system is modeled based on the successful TransMilenio system in Bogota, Colombia. This transport is expected to help the people of Jakarta in particular to facilitate beraktfitas to achieve a common goal. For it is known that the city is the bottleneck, not Jakarta if there is no street name which stuck.

Therefore the government make transportation called the busway. At the beginning of operation, Tranjakarta experienced many problems, one of which is when the roof of one bus hit the railway tunnel. In addition, many of these buses were damaged, both doors, notice the location of bus stops, until the lights are off. Although many people remain uncomfortable using the busway as an alternative transport to avoid congestion.

But today many busway routes frequently traveled by public transportation or other personal. This is very disturbing in the smoothness of this busway. Factor travel time into one of the problems terpelik who until now could not overcome declining buswaypun Service Transjakarta bus was not reliable because the speed and accuracy of travel time in each corridor. When the bus Transjakana unable to guarantee the speed as a result of non-sterile line, the people finally vote up private cars and congestion also increases. For it is necessary to sterilize all the corridors without exception.

There are several events that often occur, one minister who ketauan car using the busway lane on the grounds there are important purposes or has been granted permission. This is a sample that is not good for society. How society should follow the rules while the exemplary conduct violation he knows it should not be made. This event has become a very warm conversation in cyberspace. Perhaps with this is to reduce public sympathy and encourage them to do the same pelanggarann.

Therefore, this should sterilize the busway route closely. Without any exception. It is also to avoid and reduce traffic accidents caused by negligence of the public who often use the busway lane.

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